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Will Hannenberg - 55 Chevy

Ron Morley - Cobra Winter Project 

Pat Giles's 1949 Chev "Tin Woody"

Brian Moore - 47 International Panel


Ron Morley - 1954 Chevy Pick-Up

Project Club House

Car Show Committee


In preparation for the upcoming MEGASPEED show in Toronto, our Car Show Committee has been very busy behind the scenes. They have decided to resurrect a simulation of our last clubhouse as a backdrop for our display.In the last several weeks they have been working diligently in one of Paul Arva's buildings, which he so graciously allowed. following is a brief report and photos of their efforts.

They decided to make it look like it did in the 60's as shown above

The picture was studied thoroughly by Jim Mills, Gary Graham and (soon to be member) Chris Lovey.

Gary is shown putting measurements in place outlining these in full scale.

A decision was made to build the facade in 3/4 scale and these measurements were figured and applied to a diagram so materials could be ordered.

Gary shown explaning the plan and materials to a group of volunteers who would be carrying out the construction for the show. After many hours of cutting to size the materials. they were being laid out by the group as shown.

Gary is shown coming through one of the windows on an early completed panel and seems very happy as the project starts to take shape.

Many more hours were consumed by the team cutting, assembling, and installing siding as shown by Frank Groppmair, Jim Mills, and Dan Bratina.

Dan and Chris Lovey are shown carrying finished goods to the larger building for assembly.

Many hands were needed to carry and lean the completed panels up in the assembly area.

And then it was back to completeing more panels next door.

Studying pictures and building plans were continually required as the panels were completed to keep the project on schedule.

Frank Groppmair and John Harris installing strengtheners to a panel before getting to the point of assembling walls on a test set up. Soon they would be able to see the project coming together.

This past Saturday,some of the completed wall panels were set up to give the team a better idea how the finished building would go together. shown are some of the team placing walls together and enabling them to get a better idea of the assembly and size.

The whole building facade should be completed in the next week or so and allow the group to plan to complete their display. Many historic props, banners, pictures and other memory paraphanelia will have to be installed to add  memories to the building as well as positioning approximately a dozen cars. the building facade itself should draw attention to the club as thousands in attendance will have memories of passing by it on the highway outside of Brantford.

An artist sketch of the famous building which was done especially for this occasion.

The numbered prints were sold out for $20.00 apiece at our February meeting as a way of helping defray our costs involved in financing this project. These prints seem to be a hot item as a bit of history of the Piston Pushers Club. More are now available thur Gary Graham.

The famous "Charley Horse" and "Blue Max" dragsters are also depicted in this print. be sure to get your copy! We are expecting a huge showing of our members in their club attire in attendance at this historic event. Agroup photo at the site will be taken, More details later.


                                                                                                                    Article by Duke Snyder

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