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Project 47 International Panel

Brian Moore

Here's Bian's Panel in it's former life as a tow vehicle for his Flamboro stock car.

Next was to cut out the damaged areas of the body that needed replacement. As you can see, the quarter panels had to be removed & will be replaced, along with both inners and the back 4 floor beams.

Brian uses the latest CAD Technology ( cardboard assisted drawing ) to lay out the new side panel & rear wheel wells. Paneling is easier to work with and replace if a mistake is made, and asures both sides are identical

 Brian's engine of choice was a 302 Ford installed over 20 years ago. Engine has recieved headers, original cobra valve covers, HEI Ignition & gear drive

Body is removed from the chassis for installing a new rear axle assembly and restoration from 20+ years of work. Unfortunatily, major damage to several floor beams has turned a 3 month re-vamp into a 12 year complete restoration

Aerostar front supension assembly had been installed about 10 years earlier. The Panel was moved to Brian's shop where he can work on it as time permits

With everything removed, new floor beams were fabricated along with new inner panels & wheelwells

With all the new panels installed, enerything is coated for protection.The rear fenders are fiberglass P/U fenders

After transfering the imprint from the panel template to sheet metal Brian installs the sides. Every panel is hand formed using the same guage of metel as the original panels

The replacement side is installed and looking good.

Finished engine bay features original horn & serial plate, upgraded HEI Ignition

This is going to be a killer Panel when Brian is done.

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