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June 2020 Club Letter


   Hello Club Members, again this is still the only way to assist in keeping everyone informed of Club Function and happenings. The Polish Hall is obviously still closed as expected. However, we kept busy with several Drive-By’s during the month. I am truly grateful for the club and friends of the club participation in these events, they not only give us an opportunity to get our cars out of the garage but we have been able to put many smiles on so many individuals faces that have either been ill or celebrating birthdays etc., or for what ever reason there might be to put a little bit of joy in their life’s, it feels good to be able to give a little back to the community, as well as some comradery with fellow club members. We have been getting any where from 40 to 70 cars out to each of the runs (Fantastic).

   Here are the drive by cruises this month, May 31st for a seven-year-old battling leukemia, a great turn out with fire department, police, and ambulance personal. Following that June 4th, we did a drive past Tom Drummonds home, the streets were lined with his neighbours and friends, then on to Walt Westbrooks home where again Walt’s many friends and relatives were there to support him. Walt had a smile from ear to ear. June the 11th we did a cruise by for a couple of members that have had some on going health issues health issues, Ken Nuttal our VP, he was shocked to say the least, his wife Betty Ann did not inform Ken of the event but had him sitting in front of their home, Ken wondered what was going on  as he heard the rumbling of the cars coming down his street, from there we drove past Dave Richardson’s home again he was out front waving us all on. June 13th Drive by in Onondaga for Alan Kellam’s Grandson 6th birthday not only did the Kellam’s enjoy the cars so did many of his neighbours we then traveled through Oshweken past the Iroquoi Retirement Lodge.  June 16th the club members did a drive through the John Nobel home with many of the patients and shut-ins and residents out to wave and enjoy the cars, this was followed by a drive past my home for my Granddaughters 18th birthday Hannah was in disbelief and overwhelmed as were my neighbours they to enjoyed about 65 cars in the tour, thanks guys what an addition for her 18th birthday. The group then went to do a drive past the Seasons retirement home again residents were out to wave at the cars and drivers as they passed by. June 18th a drive by for Dennis Battigelli residence at the St. Josephs life care home where he now resides, Dennis was out front with a big smile and a wave, from there we drove past, Brett Ramey a gentlemen with cancer and not doing well, his friends and family were all out front to support him. June 21st we took a nice ride to drive by Bonnie MacArthur’s home in Princeton for her  for her 45th birthday according to Lee? again a full compliment of club and friends cars, I was the unfortunate one to break down on the cruise with some electrical issues, it was great to have so many of the members wanting to help me out but I ended up on a flat bed heading home, oh by the way I asked the guys to leave me and finish the tour through Drumbo, once the car was loaded and strapped down the driver asked if I had a ride home because of Covad 19, I was not allowed to ride with him, Princeton to Brantford is a long walk, a gentlemen bystander over heard the conversation and said he would take me home, what a great gesture there are still some wonderful people out there. We will finish the month out with a trip through Waterford for Bob Lang a long-time car buff, along with this visit we will pass through the Golden Ponds Retirement Lodge in Waterford.

     On a much somber Note we lost one of our tremendous supporters, Walt Westbrook, Walt was always there to assist the club and its members in any way he could, Walt past away one week from our drive by. Myself and all those that past by Walt’s home are so thankful we were able to do this, according to his wife Walt had a huge smile on his face, as he waved us through, lets keep Walt and family in our thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time.  I want to thank Walt’s wife for having the courage to join us on the Sunday Princeton cruise with Walt’s 59 Ford Dave Richardson is still not well, so again please keep Dave in your thoughts and Prayers. Another old-time past club member Jack Deward is in the Brantford General Hospital on the 6th floor, from what I am told no visitors aloud at this time. Steve Comisky although he is doing well had heart surgery the last week of May, I spoke with Steve and he is well on his way to recovery.

I know that Ron Morley and his wife Rhonda will be doing another Food Bank drive next week however Ron will forward an E mail as to the date for pick up. Again, our members have out done themselves, as Ron collected 233Ibs and $155.00 in cash for the food Bank. Thanks all for continuing to support our needy.

Members birthdays for July Denny Moyer, Steve Graham, Ken Nuttall, Brent Winchester, Ken Breau, Tom Drummond, Ross Hedden, Chris Gilbert, Alan Kellan, Angelo DeFlice, Happy Birthday guys have a good one

Just as a side note,  James Stephenson is trying to locate his fathers 65 Mustang his father passed away not telling the family who had the car and was working in it. Jim Mills is looking to sell his 1952 Willys. Jim Harris is going great guns on his 40 Buick it won’t be long and it will see the road he still hopes this summer.  If there are any other projects, you guys are working on please let me know.

Best Regards and stay safe (Brian Bowerman)

Because of the continued threat of the Covid-19 virus, and the current restrictions and closures in place by the Ontario Government, all events scheduled up to July 15th have been considered cancelled 

Once restrictions have been lifted, events still available will be relisted

Events cancelled by Ontario State of Emergency or Already Cancelled

Summit Motorsports Park Blue Suede Cruise - July 10th-12th

Dutton Show & Shine – July 11th

Brockville Waterfront Car Show - Aug 2

Sarnia Hot Nights/Cool Cars - Aug 6th

Bothwell – Aug 7th-8th

NEW ELTA Summer Bash - Aug 8th Street Bash ONLY

Woodward Dream Cruise - Aug 15th

41st Moparfest - Aug 21st-22nd

NEW Frankenmuth Autofest -Sept 10th - 14th

47th annual Brantford Kinsman Car Show - Sept 20th 

Waterford Pumkinfest Parade & Car Show -Oct 17th-18th


If you have any news on cancelations, please e-mail them to the website at


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