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Because of the continued threat of the Covid-19 virus, and restrictions still in place by the Ontario Government, These are the events that have already been cancelled. If the situation changes and these events are re-scheduled, they will be re-listed on our monthly events calendars as upcoming events. Any updates or posters for events, either upcoming or cancelled can be forwarded to the web-site at



June 12th - Otterville Mill Classic Car Show - Show Cancelled until June 11th/2022


June 2021 - Odessa Ont Annual Flea Market - Cancelled until June 2022

NEW June 26th – Piston Pusher “Remember When Cruise” – Although Not officially cancelled at this time, there is no way the situation will improve enough before the day of the cruise to even guarantee that the cruise can proceed safely, or even if our locations will be able to open by then- The cruise is only postponed for now, with the situation being revisited later in the year in hopes of having a cruise of some nature before the end of this years cruising season    

Aug 6-7 - Bothwell Car Show & Flea Market - Cancelled until August 2022


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