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This year the Piston Pusher Car Club is celebrating it's 55th Anniversary

   To celebrate the 55th Anniversary the club put on a large display of members rides and memorably at the Toronto Car Show, and the Paris Unfinished Nationals, where the Piston Pushers where honored. After the show a dinner and celebration of the clubs 55 years of history took place.

  The membership is continuing to climb, and a web-site has been added. As a club, we supported many of the area cruise nights and held some unforgettable rolling cruises.

   This year the club started the "Remember When Cruise", a throw back in time when we use to cruise the city streets listening to our favorite songs of the 50s and 60s and gathered at our favorite hang out with our friends

Piston Pushers On You Tube

Piston Pushers On Facebook

  Remember When Cruise On Facebook

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