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Because of the continued threat of the Covid-19 virus, and restrictions

and closures in place by the Ontario Government beginning in January, All events originally scheduled for the year are currently being considered postponed until official notice has been recieved

                                                 January 2021 notes from the President

Well, here we go again with Pandemic #2 or should I say the continuance of the virus, again I hope this letter finds everyone safe and healthy,  This may sound a little corny but I must say, I really miss every member of the club, I sure hope we can see some light at the end of the tunnel, If any one has items they would like to share please let me know as this is the only way your fellow members will know what of interest has been going on in your lives, this also keeps us, as a close knit group. As the winter months are on us not a lot to pass along, I did have a couple of items, first, Birthdays for the month of February, Duke Snyder, Morris Brock, Mac Churchill, Gary Bowden, Roger Synden, Eric Perry, Happy birthday guys. We have had a couple of club members family pass away, Jennifer Hoffman’s Mother passed away, Charlie Baker Wheeler passed away January 7th Charlie was a member of the Piston Pushers for several years but due to poor health had resigned from the club some time ago, Shelia Schram, Barry Schram’s wife passed away January 20th, please keep both Jennifer and Barry in your thoughts and prayers, at this time as they go through this very tough period. Also please keep Larry and Christine Hussey in your thoughts as Christine’s Mother is not well, Dave Richardson and Don Douglas are experiencing some health issues again, please keep these members in your thoughts and prayers.

I know I put this message out a couple of months ago, but I have received a few calls with regards to Club dues, your club executive has decided to for go the dues until we have or can have our first meeting in 2021 possibly April or May? and at that time we would be asking each member to bring twenty dollars to that meeting, this would be your 2021 dues, assuming we can keep having meetings for the remainder of the year, this will keep the club healthy as we are OK at this time financially, if we do not have meetings in 2021 then we would not be looking for any funds or dues, as we would not be funding a picnic or a Christmas party, the operating cash we have on hand will carry us through to 2022.

(TID BIT), January is a month named by the Romans after the God Janus, the God of Gateways. This is because January is the gateway to the New Year and is most often welcomed through a celebration of great merriment and mirth – not to mention a usually-unachievable New Year's resolution! Or Goal.

Please stay safe and Healthy, please help keep me informed of any items of interest you may have, or any health issues with club members or family.

Best Regards your Club President (Brian Bowerman)

                                      February 2021 Piston Pushers Club Letter

         Hello all, it is hard to believe it has been one year since we have been able to gather as a club, I continually do my best to contact all members but sometimes I get so busy doing (NOTHING) I forget to call, for that I apologize, truthfully, I do try to keep in touch with everyone if possible. Just like some of the previous months not a lot to report but I do have a few items of interest.  First, I will start with the up coming in March Birthdays, John Rocket Hoffman, Tom Herriman, Phill Winger, Brian Bond, Bill Bevan, Gary Graham Vince Brennen, Bob Devereau, Bob Simmie, Murry Tuck, Chris Newport, Dan Douglas. The best to all hope you have a great Birthday.

       I would like everyone to keep five of our members in your thoughts, as these guys have had some health issues first Dave Richardson who is not doing well, he is at home but again needs our thoughts at this time. Rocket Hoffman has been battling with shingles for a couple of months now he has good days and some bad days but seems to stay smiling even with the excruciating pain off and on, here is hopes for a speedy recovery these things can go on for at least six months, in the words of Rocket if you have not had the Shingles Vaccine, then please get it and save your self a lot of pain in the future, then we have our friend Larry Hussey he to has had some health issues that saw him in the hospital for a couple of days again here’s to a speedy recovery Larry, Ken Handsaemen had some reconstruction on his knee, Ken is doing very well but getting antsy to get back to work and get working on his project Chevy Two. Ken Nuttal has had a visit to the hospital as well, he is home now and doing well, please keep our fellow members in your thoughts, as we go about our daily routines.
      On a much sadder note, we lost as you all know by now Don Douglas one of the great all-time racers and one of the founders of the Kohler Drag Way in Cayuga as well the first President of the Piston Pushers back in 1954, Don will be certainly missed with the know how of building engines and giving many of us tips on how to do things in the right way to make them last, Rest in peace Don. Please keep Don’s family in your thoughts and prayers in this time of grieving. On be half of the club Gary Graham put together a great looking trophy of Don’s lifelong accomplishments, Gary, Myself and John Harris presented it to Don’s son Dan at their engine shop on the 27 of this month Dan was so grateful, when we can gather again at a meeting, we will have Dan bring the Trophy for all to see, thank you Gary for being so thoughtful.
     I was corrected on something by John Harris and to set the record straight, at the 2020 March car show in Toronto John Harris took first place in his class for pick up Trucks not runner up as I mentioned, John did not want me to mention it, but I did want to set the record straight. I know there must be other projects out there but one I know of that is making some real head way is, Nick Shira’s 65 Mustang Convertible, looking real good Nick. Looking ahead a few months we have another place for our garage talks, Don Lickers is in the process of building a new garage, of course I am inviting all of you even though I have not asked Don. Dan Bratina has also recently finished his shop looks good love the heating system he installed. I had a meeting with Doug Woodley this past week and Doug was kind enough to donate some news clippings and some old memorabilia he had to the club, this will go into the Historical files, that Vince Brennen is taking care of for the club, Thanks Doug for your thoughtfulness, it was nice meeting up with you and hearing some stories of years gone by.
I have had several phone calls with regards to 2021 dues, no dues are required unless we are able to have some club meetings, if so please bring $20 with you, if there are no meetings there will be no dues required until the 2022 meetings.
Best Regards: Brian Bowerman (your Club President)

Please stay safe, keep your distance and wear your mask when required, this will ensure that we will all get together safe and sound at the appropriate time.

Roll-by for Bill & Nancy's

50th Wedding Anniversary

       March 20th, 2021

Photos by Denis Jacob, Louis-Philippe

Happy 50th Anniversary Bill & Nancy

                                                          March 2021 Club Letter


Well  here we are again with the only real line of communication is by telephone, skype, or on line video chats, I’m pretty sure I am not the only one that feels this( Lock Down) is getting pretty old, but here we are doing our part to not only keeping our selves safe and healthy but our loved ones and friends as well, we will get out of this, and when we do I am sure we will all appreciate what we have and what we have been through going forward, lets count our blessings, and look forward to the spring time with flowers starting to pop their heads out of the ground, the robins are back, the chipmunks are around again driving our dog crazy. Not a lot to report but in keeping members up to-date as possible, with what I know is happening here we go.

Several of our club members have been busy working on their cars / truck projects, Ron Morley has been working on his Suburban getting his motor back in, Rick McKim has been busy with his projects ranging from putting a new motor in his suburban to working on his 53 chevy cabover. Ross Hedden has been kept busy working on his model (A) his Comet and the (T), Pat Giles still working on the 53 Chev Woody, Nick Schira between taping trees for maple Syrup and working on his 65 Mustang Convertible, Don Lickers is deeply intrenched in building a new home and a garage, sounds like no shortage of work for Don, Lee MacArthur can’t wait to get his new 1935 Desoto Air Stream out this summer, like all of us we have been trying to keep busy during these tough lock down times. April Birthdays, Al McMillan, Harold Aasla, Brian Bowerman, Don Lane, Ken Crabb, Jerry Campbell, Rick Bowler, Pat Giles, Joe Tangi, Ken Cook, Jim Harris. Hope you have a great day.

Health and well fare of the club brings me to giving your thoughts to Dave Richardson who is not doing well, Larry Hussey has been in hospital for a while, he hopes to be returning home soon, Rocket is still suffering with Shingles as he says some days are good and others not so good. Ken Nuttal has been doing quite well since his visit to the hospital earlier this month. Ken Crabb Is doing very well after his knee surgery. I hope I have not missed anyone, please let me know if you hear of any of our members that are under the weather. We managed to get an early Roll By this past month for Bill Beavan and Nancy as they celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary, congratulations Bill and Nancy.

Let me end with a little tale of what not to say. Bill’s wife was hinting about what she wanted for their upcoming anniversary, Nancy said I want something that goes from 0 to 150 in about 3 seconds, Bill bought her a bathroom scale, from what I understand Bill’s Black Eye is healing up quite nicely.

Hope all is well and please stay safe.

Regards Brian Bowerman (President)

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