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Because of the continued threat of the Covid-19 virus, and the current restrictions in place by the Ontario Government regarding limits on people attending events, all events in 2022 that are scheduled during the current lockdown have been considered cancelled unless we are notified that an event is still available at which time that event will be relisted

                                                                Club Letter January  2022


Hope this letter finds everyone well, looks like a few things are going to be opening again, however let’s not let our guard down just yet, we still need to be cognisant of some of the possible health hazards still out there.

I haven’t heard of any illness within the club lately, I do know there has been some Covid-19 issues among some members, however everyone or most have had the second and third needles, that has meant that those that were affected had little or know symptoms, so grateful to hear this.

February is the month of love, Valentines Day is on the fourteenth, no need to get me flowers or candies, my waistline has expanded enough, share your happy and cheerful thoughts with those around you. The Groundhog is out and about, he did see his shadow, but I didn’t believe him, I went outside today, I saw my shadow and I swear I didn’t realize how big I was, so I went back into the house and closed the blinds for another six weeks. Maybe we should move to Manitoulin Island, their little rodent didn’t see his shadow so spring comes early up there.

We did have a Roll by January 23rd for one of the friends of the club John Taylor he turned 80 this year, he was very surprised and shocked, we had about 25+ cars show up obviously they were our regular cars, but it was the thought that counts, and John wanted me to pass along his gratitude to the club.

We have a request from someone for the use of a 20’s\30’s Plymouth or Hudson for an upcoming wedding with a Speak Easy Theme call 905 332 4024

Whenever we can get back to our club meetings, we are still looking for some individuals to put their names in the hat for Vice President, guys just give it some thought, I personally as others I followed, find it very gratifying, to be a major part of such an old and well thought of club.

I want to take this time as well to send well wishes to Denny Jacob as he is moving back to Quebec to be closer to his aging mother and family, many thanks Denny and your son for your dedication to the club and keeping everyone up to date on the old car forum and helping keep the Facebook and the Webb up to date.

Ron Morley and his Social Committee are actively working on the club calendar of events for 2022 even through there remains the uncertainty of what we can or cannot do, having planning ahead will ensure we are prepared for the summer ahead of us, whatever that might be so please, if you have any suggestions, we want to hear them. Also, if you are aware of any event cancellations outside of our club, we would also appreciate having a heads up on those.

I am keeping a close watch on the Polish Hall and in continuous conversations with them, looking for any opportunity we might have to resume our club meetings, I will keep everyone in the loop.

We have all as a club done an excellent job of keeping the (Food Bank) in our thoughts, great job everyone please continue to support this activity, Ron and Rhonda will be making their pick-up run Feb 9th.

For now, that’s all I have so please stay safe, stay Healthy and keep thinking SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER.

Regards Brian Bowerman (Your Club President)

                                                  February 2022 month end letter


Gentlemen again as always, I hope all is well, this is just an information letter looking forward to what’s planned for our club meetings, of course everyone of us has the same thoughts in mind as to what are we going to do as things can open as of Mar 1st. The Polish Hall is opening, and we can have a meeting. Obviously trying to put a meeting together for the first Wednesday of the month is too soon to reach everyone, the executive feel we are going to plan a meeting for Wednesday the 9th of March. This meeting will not be like our regular meeting but more of a meet and greet and information session with a very short agenda to look at where and what we are doing going forward, such as looking at some long awaited prospective members as well as some gentlemen that are hoping to become members. We still must replace our Vice Presidents position so we need to put our thinking caps on as to who might step up to the challenge, we will not be deciding who that will be at this meeting, this will not be a voting night but as I mentioned more of an information night. We are asking that if you have any future possibilities for members, please invite them to this meet and greet meeting, so you can introduce them to our club. We have no idea how many members will attend so if you could please drop me a line or pass this along to any other members you may speak with to get the word out.

The Polish Hall still do not have cooks in place, so we decided to serve up pizza at no expense to members, your club is going to pick up the tab. Normally the Polish Hall would charge for the rental of the hall if meals are not purchased, but since we are long time patrons and supporters of the hall and they are not able to supply us with meals they are waving the hall fees, they will however have the bar opening and ready to serve us. At this point in time, I have been informed mask wearing, while not eating or drinking is their rule so, please lets please respect that.

The Executive are looking forward to meeting and seeing everyone on March 9th. (COME ON OUT)

Shop Talk Saturday @ Nick Schira's
        Saturday, March 26th


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