Photos By Ray Smith

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2018 Piston Pusher Events

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march 24.jpg

      Shop Talk Saturday

   Jerry Campbell's garage

      Shop Talk Saturday

   Jerry Yakimchuk's garage

april 27.jpg

Piston Pusher Trip To

Henry Ford Museum

May 19.jpg

       Shop Talk Saturday

     Al Nutbrown's garage

May 26.jpg
May 26b.jpg

       Piston Pusher Trip to Chatham RetroFest

       Getting There                        Staying There

may 26c.jpg
May 26d.jpg

Chatham Retrofest - Part 1 & Part 2

June 15.jpg

Brierwood Garden Cruise

    Night & Charity BBQ

 June 16th -Movie Night

  at Ron Morley's house

   Photos by Ray Smith


   Link to Movie night at Ron Morley's house on Facebook 

June 30.jpg

            8th Annual 

  Everything Automotive

            Car Show

July 26.jpg

       Cruise Night at

    Seasons Brantford

July 28b.jpg
July 16.jpg

        Fox Ridge

Annual Cruise Night

July 27.jpg
July 19.jpg

          Cruise Night at 

     St-Joseph's Lifecare

July 28.jpg

                Piston Pusher  Road Trip to Bellville 

        The Trip              Wheels On the Bay VIP Party     

Everything Automotive 8th Annual Car Show at Ben-Mar

July 29.jpg
July 29b.jpg

Wheels On The Bay Car Show   Gallery 1           Gallery 2                       Gallery 3

                  10th Annual

  Remember When Cruise Night 

                 The Rain Date

          Photos by Ray Smith

Aug 18.jpg

Link to Remember When Cruise 

     Photo Gallery on Facebook

    See You For Our 11th Cruise On

June 22nd, 2019 (Rain Date July 6th)

Aug 19.jpg

Inaugural Remember When                    Rolling Cruise 

Piston Pusher Family Picnic

     Photos by Ray Smith

aug 26.jpg
Sept 3.jpg

   62nd Brantford Labour

     Day Soap Box Derby

Link To Piston Pusher Family

        Picnic on Facebook

Sept 8.jpg

            Piston Pusher

     Cruise To Frankenmuth

Frank 1.jpg
Frank 2.jpg
Frank 3.jpg
Frank 4.jpg

                Piston Pusher Cruise To Frankenmuth - Facebook Photo Galleries

        Gallery 2                        Gallery 3                      Gallery 4                      Gallery 5

Frank 5.jpg
Frank 6.jpg
sept 17.jpg

4th Annual Port Dover Harbour Museum

         Fun Car Rally with BBQ at

John and Jennifer Hoffman's afterwards

    Piston Pusher Cruise To Frankenmuth 

   Gallery 6                        Gallery 7                 

Oct 13.jpg

Waterford Pumpkinfest Parade

 Photos by Karen Rowley Hedden

Oct 14.jpg

Waterford Pumpkinfest 

            Car Show

From The Brantford Piston Pushers - See You In 2019

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