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2016 Retrofest Car Show

By Duke Snyder

 With special guest Dennis Gage from the TV show My Classic Car (pic #2)

Our Club's 1st visit to the annual Retrofest Car Show in Chatham Ont. This is the 16th Annual Show (pic #1)

Suggested by "Rocket" Hoffman and his unique Chev Pickup (pic #3)

Rightfully adorned and a favorite of many (pic #4 & #5)

Our spirited group met at UPL Energy in Courtland Ont (pic #6, #7 & #8 )

We then paraded along highway #3 (pic #9)

To the Wayside Inn at Talbotville (pic #10)

Where we had our own dining room for a great buffet lunch (pic #11)

We then climbed back into our rides to continue onto Chatham (pic #12)

At 4:30 pm, a large group of classics started to lineup at the convension center (pic #13, #14,#15 & #16 )

Our own Mike Harris was mystified by the famous "Old Horny" which was in the line (pic #17)

Part of our group resting in the shade before the parade (pic #18 & #19)

At 6 pm they announced the parade was starting (pic #20 )

Leaving this location with around 500 cars, we were followed by a couple of classics (pic #21)

After a long drive in the suburbs, we continued downtown to a large group of spectators (pic #22 & #23 )

At 6am the next morning we arrived downtown and lined up between our club flags (pic #24 & #25)

Beautiful rides just kept coming in (pic #26)

Like this nice green pickup being looked over closely by Ron Morley (pic #27 )

Pretty soon the street was filling up (pic #28 )

I borrowed Dennis Gage's golf cart to continue through the downtown for more pictures (pic #29 )

After a heavy shower, owners had to wipe down their rides (pic #30 )

Here is Dennise Gage admiring & fiming a rare Max Wedge Dodge for his TV show (pic #31 & #32 )

Dennis also took time to meet our Jim Miles and his beautiful Cougar (pic #33 )

We saw a rare "Grey Dort" which was made in Chatham (pic # 35 & #35 )

A Ford Cabriolet and a '41 Plymouth coupe totally restored stood out (pic #36 & #38 )

After a great day, time came to take down out flags and head back to the motel (pic # 38 & # 39 )

We stopped at a " Tim's" near London the next day and declared we'll definately do this event again. (pic #40 )



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