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2016 Piston Pusher Family Picnic

Photos & Story By Duke Snyder

The Registration Table was ready

And soon became busy

A group of members were husking the corn!

The shady areas were filling up fast

Dan & Rick were watching more arrivals

Member’s rides were arriving

Parked neatly for inspection

Always a good chance for pictures

Maddy Moos and our trailer were there too!

People were settling in!

Just before the entertainment!

A Hat Fashion Show started by Marlin Usher

--along with Jeannie Bratina

Ginny Tuck

Suzanne Page

Luba Chychul

Marlene Graham

Pat Drummond

Dianne Barber

A real salute from Sharon Giles

--with Ellie Loveys

Cathy Nutbrown

Eileen Lane


Connie Mason

Marilyn Taylor

Heather Child

Michelle Miles our Caterer

The Corn was finally ready to boil

The men got involved---Brian Bond

Brian Moore

--and of course MURRAY TUCK

Vince Brennan

This created a lot of fun for all and will be remembered for years to come!

The Year Of The Hats!

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