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ELTA In Detroit

The ELTA completed Cobo Hall Autorama last weekend and took a total of 6 awards including Best Club.

Congratulations to our brothers from London for a great Cobo Hall Show


by Duke Snyder

Our new Red & White feathers adorning our display could be seen from anywhere in our hall to lead people to us as seen in (Pic#1).

(Pic#2) at the top end of our stand shows Pat Giles nice Yellow '64 Ford Pickup, while Keith Mair's Red '54 Ford (Pic#3) was beside it. Both of these fellows are relatively new members and these were the only two road vehicles in the booth!

Looking down from there, (Pic#4), as HORSEPOWER was the major theme of the display, we certainly showed lots!

As our one feather describes "Racing is in our Blood" (Pic#5) we had our famous Christmas Tree, ( the 1st in Canada) standing.

Behind it, (Pic#6) was the famous CHARLEY HORSE dragster owned by Charlie Haviland, an original member.

To the left was Scott Haviland's fairly new dragster, (Pic#7). Scott, (a chip off the old block) is Charlie's son!

Shawn Dunford had his nice machine (Pic#8) on the other side. Both Shawn & Scott represent the club's new generation of Drag Racers, of whom we are really proud!

One was the CLUSTERS (Pic#11) Brantford, ON----'57 to '59

(Pic#14) the MILLMASTERS, Oakland, ON----'64 to '71

Next Paul Arva's powerful new Tractor-Puller (Pic#9) was shown for the 1st time and was a big topic of conversation.

There was a display of Jerry Campbell's beautiful Pedal Cars, (Pic#10), some representing past Brantford area car clubs.

And the BLUE ANGELS (Pic#12) Paris, ON----'58 to '68

Then the CAM TWISTERS (Pic#13) Burtch, ON----'59 to '92

..and (Pic#15) the BRANT STREET RODS, Brantford, ON----Still Active today!

Our club the BRANTFORD PISTON PUSHERS (Pic#16) ---- 1954 to 2015 has members from each of these car clubs past & present making us the oldest, biggest car club in Canada.


Pedal Car Collection includes a recent addition of a unique tow truck (Pic#17) which is under restoration

Many photos were taken of the attractive pedal car display (Pic#18) by attractive photographers as well.

Our 60th Anniversary decals (Pic#19) were placed on most of our current Horsepower machines.

Many questions were answered (Pic#20) by different members who were in attendance.

Our booth was outlined (Pic#21) by our name stanchions....which included our highly polished club trailer (PIC#22)

...and easels (Pic#23) showing our history.

Our corner stanchions (Pic#24) also describe different interesting club facts

and different members were on hand all the time throughout the three days. (Pic#25)

All in all, this enabled us to take Best Club Display and be awarded First Prize of $1000.00! All those who participated should be very proud of their efforts. Our display certainly showed how diversified our club is!

John Tiffany's Tour

Located in Orangeville., Tiffany Metal Casting Ltd has been in operation . since 1989, starting in Toronto before moving to it's current location in 1994.They are currently pouring 50 to 60 tons of steel per day. They can cast up to 5000 lbs and John has done castings up to 25,000 lbs.


By Duke Snyder

Just after the Motorama Show in Toronto this Spring came the Dragstrip Memories Show at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Mt. Hope.

The PISTON PUSHERS were well represented as shown in (Pic#1) with their trailer, feathers and fast dragster display just inside the huge hanger door. Shawn Dunford's Bantam Altered Dragster was proudly shown (Pic#2),along with the famous Charley Horse, (Pic#3) owned by Charlie Haviland.

Dan McWhirter's Pipe Layer Special, (Pic#4) was out in front and Scot Haviland's T-Altered dragster, (Pic#5) rounded  out our booth along with an array of photos, posters and drag paraphernalia of our history and also the club trailer.

and the hot '55 Chev owned by Mark Rogerson, (Pic#7). They are both club members, and are also with the E.L.T.A. the Disciples Of Speed, flying their banner, (Pic#8) that day.

Beside us was the Willy's Coupe driven by Mike Roi (Pic#6)

There was also a model layout of a Dragstrip with many scale models of the famous cars from the world of drag racing (Pic#9)

It was a treat to see Father and Son Charlie and Scot discussing strategies (Pic#10) along with Scot's  lovely wife Laura (Pic#11) adding beauty to our display.

The museum was packed with a lot of other nostalgia and dragsters (Pic#12)

such as the famous original Canadian Wheelstander ' Little Blue Wagon' (Pic#13). Also Dennis Wilson of E.L.T.A. was there with his historic dragster (Pic#14) and famous marshmallow toaster.

All in all it was a great show and reminds us to get behind our relatively new drag race members SHAWN and SCOTT, (Pic#15) who proudly display our club name!


By Duke Snyder

Our great group met at Tim Horton's on Garden Ave (Pic#1), and greeted one another before climbing into their rides and pulling up to the Bakery in Courtland, (Pic#2} where we met the rest of the contingent,(Pic#3), exchanged  'good mornings', loaded up with pastries and continued on our journey.

Next Pokey & Gumby watched as we pulled into Pt. Stanley, (Pic#4) passed the old Fire Station (Pic#5) and arrived at our parking area across from the Railway Station (Pic#6). As we crossed the street,(Pic#7) some were greeted by the conductor (Pic#8) while others either went in the station (Pic#9) or boarded the train.

The locomotive and two cars,(Pic#10) were ready for us, and once inside,(Pic#11) and seated, we were welcomed by Al Howlett, a long-time GALT STROKER , and Train master, (Pic#12) He explained our ride up the big hill and kept us in stitches most of the way with historical antidotes about the area.

We were allowed to get off the train at the end of the line, (Pic#13)-and explore a rail snow plow from the past but most were interested in finding a snake with a frog in its mouth (Pic#14) between the rails

Colonel Talbot's Animal Circus Train was there (Pic#15) with Barrels Of Monkeys,

a Human Cannonball and the Biggest Clown Ever!,(Pic#16) as the main attraction.

Back on the train we started down the hill, (Pic#17)crossed a 90 Ft. trestle, (Pic#18) passed through their rail yard (Pic#19) and arrived back at the station,(Pic#20) none for the worst. That was our goodbye to the Pt. Stanley Terminal Railway,(Pic#21).

After another short drive (Pic#22) shows us arriving at Winter Wheat, a most interesting place near Sparta. We were greeted by the owner, {Pic#23} and made our way into the buildings,(Pic#24). 

Once inside we were treated to unusual displays of ornate craft brooms,(Pic#25)

and laser cut shovels (Pic#26)

Outside in the forest we could see multiple displays of fancy items as shown in (Pics #' 27-28-29-30 and 31), items of which are all for sale.

(Pic#32) shows our group heading to other areas to see many decorative OWL birdhouses(Pics#33 and 34)

and starting to gather (Pic#35) before leaving the beautiful displays of crafts as seen in (Pic#36

We then took our 33 rides (one of the largest Rolling Cruise Groups ever) to New Sarum where we stopped for lunch (Pic#37) at the Diner

Our hearty bunch enjoyed a late lunch (Pics# 38-39) before returning home after a lovely interesting Spring Cruise suggested and laid out by our Secretary Ken Breau to whom our many thanks are in order. (Pic#40) says it all!





This past Spring, the McLaughlin Buick Club, Durham Region, were on a cruise in this part of Ontario and were staying one night in Paris Ontario. A meeting was arranged by, I believe Jim Harris, between their club and ours, and was held at  one of Tim Horton's in Paris

(Pics# 3 to # 15) show an array of different Buicks in all shapes , colours and sizes which pulled in for this special occasion. Greetings and discussions were exchanged in an informal manner and many question and answers of interest took place between the two clubs

Over about a two hour span, they also showed interest in some of our member's and friend's rides as shown in (Pics #16 to #24).

One of the highlights of the evening was when I drove over to the Arlington Hotel, where they stayed, after our meeting, and saw this beautifully restored Coupe (Pic##25) and low and behold a gorgeous 1937 Buick McLaughlin Sedan, which was resurrected from a Rail Car that had worked on the CPR. (Pics#s 26-27-28).

Being an old railroad fan, I've also included a photo (Pic# 29) of a '37 Rail Car for you to see how they were equipped for running on the rails.


by Duke Snyder

One of the most popular events of the year---the REMEMBER WHEN--- as shown in the poster ( Pic#1) certainly draws a crowd

"Come Cruise" and they certainly did as indicated in the gathering of these 14 rides of fans (Pics# 2 and 3) who gathered in Hagersville ON to head into town for this event. 

As they approached our West Brant location (Pic#4) they could see our feathers waving in the breeze, and our registration desk (Pic#5) already in action!

(Pic#6 and 7) shows them arriving at this location for their 1st check-in.At our TIM HORTON'S location to join the people already there , (Pic# 8).

Our next location, DAIRY QUEEN, (Pic#9) shows other people arriving,(Pic#10) with that registration table in readiness, (Pic#11)

(Pic #12-13 and 14) show others arriving at our master location A & W, seeing the main, well equipped registration desk, (Pic#15) as well as our DJ Ken Chaplin supplying great music, (Pic# 16).

(Pic#17) shows a crowd starting to meet , greet and register, while more cars were arriving (Pics# 18 and 19) in all shapes and sizes.

A regular flow of traffic kept arriving back at TIM HORTONS (Pic#22) which was highlighted again by our new Club Feathers (Pic#23)

Good security was in effect with Starsky & Hutch (Pic#20) in attendance and the routes being patrolled by the Sheriff of Mayberry (Pic#21)

The lot there was starting to fill as it shows in (Pics# 24 and 25)

Also the streets were adorned with cruisers--just look at these ,(Pics26 and27) on their way into DAIRY QUEEN.And it's location was busy too (Pic#28)

Heading back to A&W (Pic# 29)

Where the lot was almost filled ,(Pic#30)

I was lucky enough to go up in a bucket (Pic# 31 & 32) courtesy of Dan Brown of OAK HILL TREE SERVICE of Brantford, which enabled me to give you a birds eye view.

(Pic #33),  sure shows how this huge lot was filling.

(Pics# 34 and 35) allowed me to zoom in and show the communication taking place on the ground.

Cars were still coming in (Pic#36) and settling in from the other end of the lot(Pic#37)

You can see people in (Pic#38) making their way to get their cards stamped.

Getting back to TIM HORTONS (Pics# 39 and 40) show the activity there again.

Were treated to a short Flame throwing by Ken Breau's FIRE-BIRD (Pic# 42.)

(Pics45 and 46) show a steady flow of different cars on the cruise!

And the crowd there (Pic# 41) 

DAIRY QUEEN still was busy with rides and people(Pics# 43 and 44)

My last ride back to A&W show dusk was setting in (Pic#47)

Some beautiful rides and people were landing there (Pics48-49-50-and 51)

The registration desk was getting ready (Pic#52) and tabulations of prizes was being  inspected by the crew chief Jim Harris (Pic#53)

Meanwhile Ken Breau with his yellow FIRE-BIRD was putting on quite a show (Pic#54)

After a series of draws for special prizes and gift certificates it was announced there was a tie for the car club participation plaques between the CRUZADERS of Ancaster (Pic# 55) and the TYRODS of Cambridge(Pic# 56)

Our two big winners of the customized bar fridges were Ken Drinkwater of the Jarvis area (Pic#57) and Angelo Difelice our club (Pic#58)

This year's event was the largest yet and has been growing every year, Watch for it again next year the Saturday before FATHER'S DAY and tell your friends to come out and enjoy it like we did this year!

Thank-you to all  who participated - See you next year


By Duke Snyder

On June 19, a good group of members and friends started to arrive at SEASON'S Retirement Home on Diana St. in West Brantford for a noon hour cruise.

(Pics #s1-2-3) shows some of the cars taking their place in the parking lot.

While (Pic#'s 4-5-6) show some of the others arriving and greeting each other on this occasion.

As some of the residents started to look over the cars, (Pic #7), there seemed to be a discussion about the beautiful '33 Ford Coupe ( Pic #8), belonging to Jim Thomson. It was the first time this car had been out and it looks equally as good from the back.  (Pic#9)

Behind Ron Morley's Shelby Cobra (Pic#10), you can see they had tables set up for us, from which they served food and treats for lunch.

Some of the people requested rides, and (Pic# 11) shows them in Ken Nuttall's beautiful 59 T-Bird, and they're waving as Ken pulls away (Pic#12)

Alan MacMillan's '23 T seemed to be drawing attention (Pic# 13) and lo and behold it turned out that the man in the picture had been involved in the building of it, so (Pic#14) shows Alan taking him for a ride.

Finally (Pic#15) shows a bunch of our group discussing the fun we had and stories we heard about our rides.

All in all a very good venture!

Tim Horton's Camp



Two separate cruises were made this year as requested. As usual, great numbers each time showed up at Tim's on Hwy # 24 as (Pics #1 and #2) show. This event is getting very popular!

(Pics#3 and #4) show members and friends lining up on each side of the display area, before our guests arrive as in (Pic#5).

Some of our group (Pic#6) got their chairs out---while others, (Pic#7) were being welcomed by camp councillors.

(Pic#8) shows a new group of friends who arrived, and (Pic#9) is of the campers, our audience, arriving.

Our group was ready (Pic#10) as some like to have pictures taken in cars (Pic#11), some are interested under the hood (Pic# 12), while others see something else they like (Pic#13) like this plaque

Groups wanted their photo taken (Pic#14), while a lot of others (Pic#15) looked for what's next.

Many questions were answered (Pic#16), our group remained ready (Pic#17), and interest was everywhere (Pic# 18).

They loved the Rat-Rods (Pic#19), and the Street Rods (Pic20), some explored dash boards (Pic#21) while our guys looked on, (Pic#22)

Then they lined the banks (Pics#23 and #24)-------to see our Ken Breau do some flame throwing, (Pics# 25&26).

After all he does it with his "FIRE-----BIRD!"

As always we were invited into the dining hall after for refreshments. Funny how our group like to pick the tables they sit at. Some are OWLS (Pic#27), some are TADPOLES (Pic#28), others are COLTS (Pic#29) and it looks like there are always some SQUIRRELS (Pic#30)!



On August 23, a beautiful day, a very large contingent of members and friends met at Tim Horton's on Garden Ave and got directions to follow our Cruise Leader (Pic#1) Ron Morley in his Shelby Cobra to begin our Mystery Cruise.

After winding our way through Jerseyville to Ancaster, we turned left on Lover's Lane , and (Pics#2 and 3) show us snaking our way up, down and around on a road most of us had never been on.

(Pic#4) shows us passing hundreds of bike riders who must have been on a large excursion.

After navigating along the escarpment through Dundas and Waterdown we came to a short stop due to a problem, right along the lakeshore prior to entering Burlington.. (Pics # 5-6-and 7) show a long line of nice rides which drew a lot of attention from the residents there.

Next (Pics#8 and 9) are of us having crossed the Burlington lift bridge and starting to cross the beach strip beside the Skyway.

Our first pit stop was next, just back across the QE, where we could stretch our legs, (Pics #10 and 11)

Leaving there we wound our way back to the top of the escarpment and continued along the top, past Ball's Falls and found ourselves entering a tunnel (Pic #12) under the Welland Canal.

Chippewa ON was our next stop at The Boat House Restaurant where our group had reservations for lunch. (Pics # 13-14- and 15) show us arriving there. Looks like a busy spot, just look at the motorcycles too!

A hungry bunch settled in (Pics# 16-17-18-19) checked the menus and prepared for a great lunch.

Our cruise then took us along the Niagara Parkway to the Falls (Pic#20), passing them (Pic# 21) and through town (Pic#22) on our way to Niagara On The Lake.

We then stopped at a roadside location vending fruit (Pic#23), some got ice cream (Pic#24) and another short break (Pic#25) .

Back on the road (Pic #26) we headed to the downtown of the popular Niagara-On-The-Lake, past the Prince Of Wales Hotel (Pic#27)

It sure was busy as indicated in (Pics# 28-29-30)

Leaving here we drove along the lakeshore, through St. Catherines and stopped at Jordan Harbour (Pics # 31-32-33)  which is a great lookout over Lake Ontario.

We left there, travelled along Highway #6 and climbed the escarpment once again for a lovely drive along the top to our final location, a Tim's just off Centennial Parkway (Pics #34 and 35)



Our trailer had delivered our tables, gazebos etc. (Pic#1)

Our DJ- Jay Stevenson was set up (Pic#2) behind the huge assortment of Fall mums for the ladies.