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A great tour was arranged last spring to the Pierce-Arrow Museum in Buffalo NY by the Social Committee, and a large group of members and friends attended. Our chartered bus left Brantford and motored down the QE Way to our first pit stop at a known truck stop just over the Garden City Skyway at St. Catherines.

We are getting off the bus and entering the door where a welcome sign reminded us that Buffalo was the home of the "TWO GREATEST CARS of the 20th century- the PIERCE-ARROW and the THOMAS FLYER

After being welcomed, we were led past a beautiful Pierce-Arrow, beside a collection of antique gas pumps on our way to a sneak preview of a large addition to the facility, which was under construction. We passed a nicily restored Pierce-Arrow bus, compete with the unique headlights, molded into the femders, like their automobiles. Once inside, the curator showed us atrist sketches of a FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT Filling Station, which was being built in the new addition. This is a replica in memory of an earlier proposed location to be built in downtown Buffalo by the famous architect

We were then invited inside to see the actual station being contructed, and he explaned the uniqueness of it and also explaned the materials and that they were mostly donated Buffalo companies. They also had a nicily restored tanker truck which will be on display once the addition is finished

Above the cabinets were antique buggies and pedal cars, including a '60 PLYMOUTH SPORT FURY convertible pedal car, which I never realized was ever made and would be" right up my alley". On the way back to the main museum, we saw a very high powered Buffalo bison, which could be the worlds fastest. Back inside are many exhibits of beautiful old cars along with period fashions and gas pump globes.

This outstanding black, royal looking 1934 Pierce-Arrow sedan was definitely one of the finest cars there, even "Elvis" the Buffalo keeps staring at it !

Buffalo also apparently produced a "PLAYBOY" convertible in '48 & '49, I bet these are very rare today. There was an Austin and of course a 1909 Thomas Flyer, which was world famous.

The Pierce-Arrow hood ornament was a work of art and is a real collector's item today. Buffalo was also home of the famous WURLITZER piano organ which preceeded the Juke Box, also made over there. Amother old sign that stood out was a JohnsonWax sign for car polish, in this case, beside a STUTZ. With my past involvment with Johnson's, I realize they were one of the first with this type of product.

As we returned to the bus, we noticed an Auburn Replica in the parking lot. Our next stop was for lunch, where we were greeted by another Buffalo. Everyone remarked how good the food was and we had an ared of our own.

We could also have some great suds fron an array of intriquing and unusual brew taps. we were at "AN AMERICAN GRILLE AND BREWERY". This place was a section of the famous 100 year old, refurbrished HOTEL LAFAYETTE, a historical site in downtown Buffalo. As our merry group got back on the bus for a fun filled trip back home, We offer our Social Committee a great big congratulations for arranging such an excellent outing.




by Duke Snyder

Our first cruise rolling cruise of the year was held on July13/2013. A great group attended and after meeting at Tim's on Garden Ave. we headed out in a convoy for a very brisk cruise down the QE way towards Niagara led by Jim Harris in his bright orange truck - The Moose

Our group pulled into our 1st pits top at Jordan Harbour and took a slght breather in the early morning fog.

The rest of us got ready and we started to proceed on our journey again further down the peninsula.

As we settled, it certainly felt like it was gong to be a warm beautiful day. Here we stretch our legs and gather information about the rest of the route.

Our first casualty. Brian Moore's PT Cruiser encountered camshaft sensor problems and he had to abort and return home,escorted by Mo Brock in his lovely Ford pickup

We took a beautiful drive along the lakeshore and would ocationally pull off and circle so our mascots Pokey & Gumby could verify we hadn't lost anyone.

After a very picturesque drive through the beautiful and active Niagara-On-The-Lake, we then stopped at a great fruit stand and Cafe between the famous Niagara-On-The-Lake and Niagara Falls.

Some had packed lunches and others ate at the cafe and then we returned to our rides to continue on our way.

As we got closer to the falls the crowds got bigger

Some us in convertibles got a refreshing overspray of coolness as shown on the windshield here. It sure felt good.

Our next stop was Chippawa. Photographers got some good shots.

Some of us rested, or got a drink at a Tim's across the road.

After a short drive along the parkway torwards Ft. Erie,we found a nice spot to pull off beside the river for a rest.

A beautiful '40 Plymouth which was cruising the other way pulled off to meet us and talk for a while. We really enjoyed the rest in the shade beside the river. We also enjoyed the activity of the boats going up and down the river.

Later, after continuing our drive along the Parkway and under the Peace Bridge, past Old Fort Niagara, we ended on Highway #3 at a restaurant called Green Acres, where we had reservations. Immediately people were checking the menus and trying to decide their preferences to satisfy themselves

As our group Begins saying goodbyes as we were getting ready for the journey home through Dunnville, Cayuga, Caledonia and most of us to refuel at Oshweken. Almost 200 miles were logged and the weather was wonderful. It was a great event to start our cruising season!


by Duke Snyder

Our 2013 Autumn cruise was held on an outstanding, clear, beautiful day and was attended by one of the largest number of members, potentials, and just friends of the club ever.

Some of our great contingent arriving just outside of Courtland Ontario and ready to see the prized CADMAN COLLECTION of famous dragsters and race cars.

Once inside the spotless 1st building, we were treated to a fine display of high powered iron starting with the "Pit Boss" 429 T-Bird.

Next was Ron Biekx "Bad To The Bone" dragster.

"ZOMBIE", one of the favourites from St. Thomas

McCallum McClelland well known "James Boys" Willys Gasser

Johnny Rocca's famous 1933 Willy's "Tin Indian"

Depicts their father's beautifully restored Pierce Arrow roadster c/w rumble seat and golf club storage compartment.

 "Wild Willy" Speed Shop Nova in bright red.

A powerful looking, rear engined Dodge(?) pick-up sits in the corner of the shop.

While a light rail dragster was in another corner

Lots of memorabilia adorned the walls, while other displays made great picture taking for our group.

King Richard Petty in his famous #43, a 1967 Plymouth was cloned taking another checkered flag.

So was the famous "Chi-town Hustler" Dodge represented.

The beautiful , shiny floors displayed trophies and historical awards and pictures of special moments of the vehicles they were beside.

Model in full racing gear of the times.

A beautifully done custom Ford Coupe was also on display

Along with a fully blown motor of importance, this impeccable building was a sight to be seen.

Back outside we saw that some of our London ELTA brothers had arrived.

Some of the group, inspecting a new addition to the collection--a Rydell Chevrolet Camaro in another building

Getting back in our cruisers to continue on our way.

Our next stop was in Straffordville ON, where a photo shoot was available under an old gas sign which used to be part of an old station.

We next parked in Port Burwell Ontario

To get a good look of the new tourist attraction- the famous OJIBWA submarine which you can take an inside tour on.

Heading back to our rides.

To follow the "Moose" on the next leg of our journey through the scenic countryside to our next stop.

Our contingents arrival in St. Thomas Ontario.

Where we entered the KARN FAMILY COLLECTION Building and signed the Guest Registry.

Here is housed one of the world's largest collections of service station and gas and oil items and memorabilia in the world. Very interesting!

We were greeted by a member of the family who explained that the Karn family had been collecting for generations.

She was standing beside a totally restored 1919 Ford Model T Tanker truck, used by the family. It has been displayed all over southwestern Ontario.

We were then allowed to browse through the displays of old gas pumps and signs.

Many different gas pump globes and artifacts.

There were fully uniformed attendants with their lady in period dress. I wonder if this was the famous Murray Westgate from Hockey Night in Canada?

Models of old Stations. Remember FINA?

And a model of the St. Thomas Railway Station with CNR 5700, a 4-6-4 locomotive and tender in front.

On a wall hung a painting of CNR 6060, an oil burner being serviced by a DOWLER KARN Tanker Truck on a special steam excursion in town.

Pictures and scale models of Labatt's old Beer trucks. These trucks have appeared at many cruise nights and fairs in southern Ontario.

Old wooden mop wringers, carpet machines and an antique wax applicator were on display, which I gladly demonstrated.

Pictures of old service stations as well as a very rare old gas pump and an air compressor tire machine.

Full size trucks, displayed on the main floor could be seen well from upstairs.

On the upper level were numerous cases of miniature vehicles, stations and many toys.

Our group was awestruck at the interesting displays.

...Which literally covered every wall.

Back downstairs Murray Westgate was keeping an eye on original member Doug Woodley.

Back outside we prepared our rides to motor on to Aylmer Ontario.

We enjoyed a great lunch at Ruby's Cookhouse in Aylmer.

Just look at the satisfaction on the faces of potential members Keith Mair and Vince Brennan.

As well as this photogenic group!

Our 2013 Fall Cruise was potentially one of the best ever-so enjoyable-most interesting and entertaining. A real THANK YOU to the Social Committee is in order. This was truly CLUB FUN AT ITS BEST!

2013 Club Family Picnic

Tim Horton's Camp


By Duke Snyder

Our spirited group of 10 cars complete with wives and friends left Tim's on Rest Acres Rd in Paris headed to Saginaw Mi. for the Annual AUTOFEST we attend every year in Frankenmuth Mi. With one pit stop in London and a 'grocery shop' at the duty free store on the Bluewater Bridge, our convoy then motored along the river from Port Huron and the through the scenic country, turning many heads, until we approached Saginaw where we stay every year

After checking into our hotel, having a lovely lunch etc., we got ready and headed south for a short drive to the famous little German Town for the opening ceremonies at 4 pm. We grabbed our lawn chairs and got situated at the north end of town, where they start a parade of wild vehicles of all kinds to travel the entire main street to open AUTOFEST 2013. A couple of beautiful coupe started out, followed by rail jobs

Next were a couple of "Ramcharger" clones

Following these were an array of different gassers and fully blown hot rods

This group was followed by a famous Flame Thrower which excited the crowd, lining both sides of the street.

Bands were playing all along the street like here on a lawn.

Miss TITTABAWASSEE was spotted in the crowd with her new friend , a big Goldfish.

There were strange sites to be seen including this lady driving a neat little VW Van

We passed a nice 50's Mercury Custom

As well as this nice custom, a '41 Plymouth Coupe.

Next we started to walk down the hill, following the crowd

The streets were lined on both sides with Extraordinary rides like these two beautiful hotrods

After crossing the bridge in the middle of town, and passing another nice street rod

The famous Flame Thrower Custom  "SH-BOOM"

The crowds got thicker as we headed back up the hill to our chairs.

We returned to APPLEBEES in Saginaw, having a bite before settling down for the night.

Saturday morning we arrived back at the park and had a group photo taken resplendent in our "Remember When" shirts.

Our gals also posed,  looking as beautiful as ever.

Not far from us I had to inspect a very rare '57 Plymouth Fury Convertible.

You could buy a cars length of 50/50 tickets as shown

The park was filled with lots of nice stuff like this prize winning Ebony Black '40 Ford

Doug Graham kept polishing his nice red Camaro.

A couple of our guys were $50.00 Gas Card Winners

Vince Brennan's Canadian Beaumont certainly got a lot of attention.

As did our other rides

And Don Blake's AMC "The Machine"

Shows we managed to get pretty well together.

A brief shower made us put the top up on Donna's Coronet convertible

With 2700 cars taking over the town, There certainly was a lot of "Eye Candy" like this '56 Nomad

Or the unbelievable Flame Thrower "SH-BOOM"

Our group, however are equally proud of our rides like Keith Taylor's GMC Pick-Up

Chris Lovey's 39 Pontiac Street Rod

Donna Bailey's '66 Ragtop with Pokey & Gumby as mascots.

What about "The Moose" a '48 GMC of Jim & Mike Harris?

Or Don Blake's exceptional AMC Rebel ,

Doug Woodley's a '29 Model A Street Rod.

Doug Graham, our Social Committee Chairman, had his "Repeat 67" Camaro win the "Outstanding GM AWARD"

Next there was Nick Shira' '64 Chev Impala 2 Dr Hdtp.

And of course Vinny's very rare Beaumont

Beautiful OLDS Vista Cruiser which I believe may be from Burford.

This very different old IHC Army caught my eye as well

Saturday night we enjoyed a great dinner at the BAVARIAN, where President Dan and his lovely wife joined us.

Sunday morning shows the park was starting to fill up again.

Our gang moved and parked closer to the awards area

We anxiously awaited the awards on another beautiful sunny day.

And we managed to find shade under a tree

Right behind Doug's winning Camaro

Doug's club crest, proudly shown in his window.

Special Beer Steins were given out to the winners in a huge number of classes like this '60 Pontiac

A rare 3 wheeler won in another class.

There were different custom classes which included this '59 Ford winner.

Another rare '56 Messerschmitt got a stein.

Look at this reworked Chevrolet Coupe was also a winner.

"Rusted Crow Distillery" a Rat Rod class winner

Even this cute little dog with sunglasses was paying attention.

This special truck conglomeration took a prize.

At long last, up pulled Doug and Marlene in their outstanding Camaro as we all applauded.

And they were the proud recipients of a most deserved award Congratulations Doug Graham are in order!

This made our special trip absolutely worthwhile and we then proudly motored home after another outstanding club activity.


Breakfest With The Corvettes Of Southern Ontario

2013 Brantford Santa Claus Parade

by Duke Snyder

Hi All! Well, Saturday was a great day for the Piston Pushers appearance in the local Santa Claus Parade. It started at the Hough's Garage as Joe Biro arrived and backed in the tractor , already loaded with the start of our display. This included our trailer and the world famous "Charley Horse" which is an institution with our club. Charley himself was there too but offered his seat to a distinguished gentleman for the festivity. The trailer also had a different looking building, which had been built previously by a group of spirited members. A SMALL group of members then started to put the finishing touches to the display,

A group up top installed a Gold pair of runners to the "Charley Horse" in case of heavy snow. Another bunch installed icycle lights all around the trailer, while the Hough Boys, sized up what else was required. Another club elf,(Doug Graham) polishing our trailer. Our treasurer elf was preparing the music speaker system, while coloured lights were strung all around our trailer so it would stand out. Meanwhile up front, completely strung with lights, the funny little building was converted into "Santa's Speed Shop" and had the world famous "Christmas Tree" installed in front.

Next, the Houghs were about to put the special driver into the"Horse" so he would be ready for a great ride. The float was then taken to the parade staging area to have the finishing touches applied. Driver Joe, polished the wheels, and banners announcing our 60th anniversary were installed on each side. Many beautifully wrapped gifts were then taken out of the trailer and spread around our display to make it look more like Christmas. These had been wrapped by members and their families. Our special guest driver was seated in the"Charley Horse" and told to hang on for his dear life as parade time was nearing.

In the parade, preceding our entry people were greeted by Chris Nemeth and John Harris extending Season's Greetings to the crowds from our club. Then came Joe in the truck, pulling our entry. It was beautifully lit up, and had our main man Dan Bratina and Murray Tutt along with some happy children. Our trailer,  fully lit and sitting in snow showed well and on the ramp,  Ginny Tutt and her grandsons, waved to the crowds amid the beautiful gifts.

A good time was had by all and many thanks to the club members who made this happen. It was a small spirited group and we just wondered after all the hands that went up approving this venture at the last meeting, why there weren't more in attendance. Our club has 135 members.


by Duke Snyder

The GRINCH appeared at the Christmas Dinner but did not steal Christmas. Just look at the smiles on the faces of those in attendance. A very large attendance left in real Christmas Spirit!


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